July 7th, 2011

HP - Seeker

Thanks for the kisses :)

Thank you to everyone who left me kisses in my profile. *hugs*

I feel like I missed something since I have seen many people thanking others for kisses. Was there a meme or something?

Also, thank you to everyone who answered my Twitter and Tumblr polls. If anyone still wants to fill them in, they are still open *hugs*. Everyone who said they wanted to be friends should have been followed :).
HP - Seeker

I promise I will stop doing polls soon :) Google+

[Edit - about Google+ from emmagrant01 Google tweeted this morning that it's now available to anyone with a google account. So I guess we should all be able to get in now?]

Okay, so this is my third poll, who's on Google+ :)
My Google+ URL is: http://plus.google.com/u/0/113885344285909043613

Poll #1759573 Are you on Google

Are you on Google ?


Do you want to be friends on Google ?


My Google URL is