July 6th, 2011

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Twitter and Tumblr

Thank you to everyone who answered my Twitter Poll, I think I have followed you all now :). If I didn't, please kick me in a comment. If you missed the poll, don't worry, you can still fill it in.

On the back of that success I am now doing a tumblr poll for the same ends :)
My Tumblr url is: http://berenwrites.tumblr.com/

Poll #1759252 Are you on tumblr

Are you on Tumblr?


Do you want to be friends on Tumblr?


What is your tumblr URL?

Any recs for Tumblrs to follow would be wonderful too, thanks.

Seems I am in a changing mood this week

Yesterday I changed the age of one character and the sex of two in my current novel, to make it more interesting. Seems to have worked, since I managed to pour out several thousand words as I was doing it :).

Also, I have a Twitter Poll and a Tumblr poll going at the moment to try and keep up with people over there as well. I would be awfully grateful if people would fill them in *hugs*.