June 17th, 2011

HP - Seeker

Favourite fiction plot point/trope ...

So earlier I saw on a friend's LJ that they were talking about the fact they apparently have a thing for certain stuff in fic, which got me thinking.

My 'thing' i.e. fav plot point/trope, in fic is "the reveal". Y'know where someone has a big secret and others find out about it.

For example, I love Spider-man 2 because of the scene on the train where all those people see Peter without his mask.

And I had huge fun this week watching the first season of The Listener (brilliant BTW, everyone should watch it especially since they renewed for s3) wherein Toby gets to reveal he's a telepath three separate times to three different friends. Talk about button pushes :).

So, dear flist, what are your favourite plot points/tropes? What makes you all happy and excited when you read or write it in fic? If you have one, also what is/are your current fav instance(s) of said plot point/trope.