June 12th, 2011

AB - Vamp love

Vampire Movies That Do Not Suck (IMHO)

This all came out of a convo I had with meridian_star in the comments of my post about Higanjima.

So there are a lot of different types of vampire movies out there and I have to admit I'm an 80s girl at heart and love a good 80s vampire movie. I also prefer my vamps with fangs and if they have glowing eyes too, all the better. I make no excuses, it's a kink. However, I have been known to enjoy some other types of vampire movie too and I thought I'd share some that I think are well worth watching and I will share some that I think you should avoid at all costs in another post :) [Edit have now posted it here: Vampire Movies That Suck (and not in a good way)].

Remember, this is just my humble opinion, so feel free to completely disagree with me.

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