May 24th, 2011

Remus Friendship


So sorry I forgot to do this yesterday - spent the whole day fighting with Concrete5, trying to set it up and by the time I stopped I was so pissed off I forgot about everything else. Anyone else use Concrete5? The functionality seems to be really good and mostly easy except when it comes to making it format the way you want to. Individual pages are okay, but trying to do anything with a theme is a nightmare from hell! As far as I could tell the only way to do it exactly the way you want is to hack it.

Anyway, enough whining :)

Happy Birthday to:
mangobiscuit for yesterday,
scary_rob, jewelle_sprite, naruke_chan and ragdollwhore for today,
desolate_noir for the 25th,
hellish_icons, laila2605 and nursedarry for the 26th,
magdelena1969 for the 27th,
ravenpan, saladbats and mctabby for the 28th and
falconoflight and tsukinobun for the 29th

Many Happy Returns to you all.

If you're not on my list and you would like to be, please LMK and I will add you. There are many possible reasons you might not be there, but if you pass by this way I am very happy to add you on. *hugs*
CB - Ooooh!

TW: Witchville - with piccies!

I almost didn't watch it because Luke Goss' films can be very hit and miss ... Unearthed being an example of a miss and Blade II being and example of a hit :).

Loved it to pieces. Unlike other movies on Syfy lately like Sinbad and the Minotaur the acting was superb, even if the plot had lots of holes - LOL. Good costumes, good sets, not bad writing and so many buttons pushed.

Had the plot worked out from the moment it started, but you can't have everything I suppose ;).

So many semi-naked, nice looking men all chained up and tortured - happy, happy times. Has some kick arse female characters too :D.

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