May 11th, 2011

JW - Adorable

It's National Doughnut week - who knew? :)

Hmmm ... now I'm craving doughnuts ... so unfair.

Wish we had a Krispy Kreme around here. I think the closest is the services the other side of the Dartford Tunnel or Bluewater. And Google was so not helpful - it was telling me about them in Seattle!

On the off chance ... does anyone know if it is possible to record from Sky HD boxes? I have the latest ep of the Listener, which I believe has been delayed in the US and I want to put it somewhere safe and easier to watch. I trust my HD box to keep things safe about as far as I can throw it. If there was any inkling of the DVD coming out I wouldn't worry, but only s1 is available so far.