May 9th, 2011

Remus Friendship


Almost forgot this today thanks to all the milarkly I've had with my PC - had to reinstall all my display device drivers!

Happy Birthday to
beautyfulevil, writingonwall and screamgirl for today,
laniew1 and lux_astraea for tomorrow,
supergirl69187, chal and maytimemagic for the 11th,
firefly820, nimbusrogue, slave_monkey, singlemomsummer, qfeiss_writes and mcfq for the 12th,
[Edit: maipigen for the 13th,]
skyelight2x1 and billistmeinherz for the 14th and
selana1505, dameange and smithereen for the 15th

Many Happy Returns to you all. :)