April 8th, 2011

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Cat's Call Competition on Twitter

Please play, I am willing to beg ;) Thank you anyone willing to pimp.

Today (Friday 8th April 2011) Tasha (@wittegenpress) is hosting a competition on Twitter to win 3 eBook copies of .

For a chance to win a copy, Tweet this message:

RT @wittegenpress : Retweet for a chance to win an eBook copy of Cat's Call by Natasha Duncan-Drake #catscall http://bit.ly/gImm6e

(or click here to see our tweet and just click retweet)

The book is on offer in one of three formats: ePub (compatible with most eReaders), Mobi (compatible with Kindle and several other eReaders), PDF (A4) (mostly for those who wish to read on the PC).

The competition will run until 10pm (British Summer Time) = 9pm (GMT) (to find out what this is in your timezone click here). After the closing time, three winners will be drawn at random.

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Cat's Call  by Natasha Duncan-Drake Title:
Author: Natasha Duncan-Drake
Description: Charlie Waterman is eighteen and until he is assaulted by a cat figurine and wakes up with a tail, he is boringly normal. Seven great Spirits guard the universal Balance against the forces of chaos and it is time for them to choose new Questors to wield their power and be their mortal advocates. Charlie is supposed to be the Questor of the Cat Spirit, but no one bothered to ask him if he wanted to be. Taken to Between to explore his new powers he meets his fellow Questors: dragon; wolf; horse; spider; hawk; dolphin. They all seem to know what they're doing, but, fighting to maintain control, Charlie's two years too old and accidentally turning into a cat while asleep, which is plain embarrassing.
Date Pub: March 2011 Length: novel
Price: £1.71 ($2.99) Genre: contemporary fantasy, YA
Review/Feedback link: To Wittegen Press Blog entry for Cat's Call
ISBN 978-1-908333-00-1
Link to full listing/buying options for
WK - pet telepath


Can't do eBook giveaways on Goodreads ... they only allow print copies at the moment. They have a really nice set up as well. I do hope they decided to allow them in the future, they said they were thinking about it. I can understand why it might pose some problems though.

On that note, has anyone used Smashwords? I'm thinking about using them, but I always like to get info from people who have used a service first. Thank you.

Did not have a good morning today, I think my hormones must be out of whack or something. Burst into tears three times for no logical reason. Have since consumed chocolate and feel much better.