April 7th, 2011

al - eyes on the prize

Hmmm... LJ appears to be working ...

... I hope it stays that way. It's actually quite speedy for a change :)

I have a friend coming over today to do writerly stuff ... well and have some lunch and chat, but predominantly to do writerly stuff. Wittegen will be publishing her book soon. I just finished madly tidying the house so it doesn't look like a complete tip ;).

I've had no time to write this week ... just so much to do and have been so tired after the weekend and Monday. I hope this will kick start me again and get me writing the original stuff and the fanfic. I have a head full of words that really, really need to make it into the PC.

Anyone else ever get to the point where you think if you don't write you'll just go bonkers? ;)