March 12th, 2011

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help_japan and help_nz

I really don't think this needs much explanation.



(Tentative dates ... definite one in bold)
> Auctions open: 14 March
> Auctions continue until: 26 March
> Final reminders re donations and completed bids: 28 March
> Auctions close: 31 March


Button reposts part between the ***

I've uploaded the above image to my domain (has unlimited bandwidth) to ease the strain on the photobucket where the comm is hosting it.

Also, don't forget help_nz - the auction ends Sunday and my offer is here. Thank you to everyone who has bid so far.
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Can I just say ....

... I really hate the new LJ header. It's obnoxious and not just a little bit! That shade of green is offensive to my eyes.

Sorry, just had to get that off my chest. I feel better now.

On another note, my beloved husband is home safe and taking a nap to help with the jet lag. So happy to have him back from the big bad USofA ;).

Is anyone else having problems with twitter where user icons aren't showing up all the time? It seems to be going on randomly, unless there is something happening I don't know about. I'm using Tweetdeck.