February 24th, 2011

al - oh yeah!

I was very bad yesterday *smacks hand*

I spent all morning preparing submissions and I was going to spend all afternoon writing, but I made a mistake. I was trying to finish a plot summary where the agent said to pretend it was the book flap jacket copy, so I wandered downstairs and pulled out several hardback books to get an idea of what was required. I did get my copy almost done (slept on it and tweaked it this morning), but then I made the mistake of poking my nose in one of the books. The first Temeraire novel by Naomi Novik ... been meaning to read it for ages. Hmm ... finished it at about midnight last night after taking a break to have my hair cut and eat something in the evening.

Fantastic book! Had to pry it out of my fingers to go get my hair done. I wasn't sure in the first few pages, but by the time Temeraire was named I was hooked.