January 26th, 2011

al - y'know you wanna

Fav Fic Meme

Okay, so a not Anon Meme :). lirren has a new meme up, what you do is make a post to her entry and link to the fic you have written that you are most proud of. Then you link in your journal using the code she has posted and ask your flist to tell you which fic they think is your best.

Hopefully this should be a happy meme.

This is a link to my meme entry, I would be very grateful if you would drop by it, thankies.

If you need to recap all my fic can be reached through the posts listed here:http://beren-writes.livejournal.com/485699.html
or from the links in my side menu.

Please play, Authors, it's open to anyone and everyone :)