January 2nd, 2011

HP - Seeker

General ramblings :D

Had a lovely day today, it's my mummy's birthday and we went out for lunch at the Woolpack after church. Then we went back to my parents' house and Mummy opened all her pressies and we had some lovely bubbly. Am now back home watching the Towering Inferno ::g::.

Had good dreams last night too - Adam Lambert made a very lovely appearance along with TommyJoe Ratliff and Neville Longbottom ... yeah, I'm not sure where the last bit came from either. We were helping at a convention and Adam just showed up as a punter, but of course ended up in the green room so that chaos would not ensue. Everyone thought he would be a diva, but he was a real sweetie. Tommy's netbook stopped working so Rob had to fix it for him - LOL. Neville just seemed to hang around bemused the whole time. It was a very fun dream :D.

Already had to ban four spammers from the new PD21 site's forum - bangs head on table. You'd think an empty forum would not be that interesting to anyone wouldn't you! Doh!


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Fic: 2010 fiction listing

Okay so I thought I'd sum up the fic I have posted in 2010. Below the cut is a listing of it all.
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