November 29th, 2010

al - y'know you wanna


I apologise for being absent since Friday - I was making sweets and then selling them at our Church Bazaar and then collapsing in a heap to recover :).

I now have at least 8,000wds to write today to catch up so will also not be doing much online today either.

However, I have one question for the Kradam fans on my flist:

Why does Adam always top in fics? Is it just because he's taller/bigger so the yaoi rules come in to play or is there a titbit of info I am missing from an interview or something where Adam over shared about his sex life (not that he ever does that of course ;))? Merci for any help.
ice - johnny vamp

Feeling accomplished

Turns out I needed to write just under 7,000 wds to be completely back on track with Nano today not 8,000, and I've written 5,500 so I'm feeling accomplished. I can manage 3,000 tomorrow rather than 1,500 so I am sure I will make the total :). I might even write some more tonight, but depends when Rob gets home.

I have also finished the end of the novel, as in written the whole of the last scene to round it off. This makes me happy, because it finally feels almost done. It's not going to be quite finished when Nano is, but not far off. I'm tweaking it as I write, so it's going through drafts at the same time. Like today, added a whole new sublink because what was missing hit me while lying in bed last night :).