November 5th, 2010

JW - Adorable

I hope everything is well with you all *hugs*

I've had a good day today. Feet hurt like crazy, but going shopping with my Mummy this morning was worth it :).

Didn't buy much, but Debenhams was having a sale on bras again so bought three. All lovely, all my size (it still amazes me they actually have them) and the total price for all three was £18. Can't go wrong there :)

Because I was out half the day, didn't get as much written as the other two days, but did meet my target :)

Am doing slow roast lamb for dinner - it's been in since 12:30 and should just be ready when Rob comes home. Have whimped out on making chips though, bought Aunt Bessie's Homestyle Oven Chips ;).

I tried making humbugs yesterday - never again! I realised that when it says in the recipe "when it is cool enough to handle" it actually means "when it feels like it has only been heating in a volcano, not the centre of the sun". I have sugar related injuries (tingly fingers and a cut knuckle ;)) and a board that has two peaks of sugar on it. The only way to get the sugar off is to dissolve it with long scrubbing it seems. To add insult to injury, the result didn't even taste of mint!

I shall stick to the sweets where you pour it into a tray, leave it to cool and then break it into bits :).

The coconut ice was much more successful and disappeared like it had hyperdrive when I put it in front of people ::g::.