September 21st, 2010

CB - 2 party

General ramblings :)

Have just made a date with some friends to come over tomorrow evening for dinner :D - this always makes me happy. We only get to really see them once a year because they house sit for some other friends when they go off on hols, but y'know the kind of people it doesn't matter how long it is between when you see them, it's like you've barely said goodbye? That's what it's like meeting up with them, always lovely :D.

Usually we go out, but this year we invited them over for dinner instead. I'm going to do the slow cooked lamb, falafel, garlic and rosemary pots and honey glazed carrots for main, with just a simple multi-seeded bread and some dipping oil and balsamic for starter. Then I'm going to do chocolate fudge cakes with creme fraiche for pud.

P.S. Thanks to everyone who answered my facebook question yesterday :D