September 20th, 2010

Remus Friendship


Happy Birthday to:
arrmaitee and the lovely mieka_writes for today,
adela_nightmoon, amessis, jamie2109,gauriel, tiggerdabounce2, dusk037, elyxer and dusk037 for tomorrow,
antichristangel and thelamefangirl for the 22nd,
mrsoze, x_queenc_x and shywild for the 23rd,
melleemo, ashice_roses and leilsylver for the 24th,
tm_nicholas, wenchravenna, flyby311, looking4tarzan and rhiannonhero for teh 25th and
pombagira and tsukired for the 26th

Many Happy Returns to you all :D

If you are not on my b-day list, so sorry, it may be because I haven't friended you back so LJ doesn't tell me about your b-day, or LJ may just be playing silly whatsits. If you would like me to add you in, please drop a comment.
ice - ice boys

Movie rec :)

I actually have to tell you about a movie I like this time :). One of the other Blu-rays we bought with Rob's leaving pressie was Solomon Kane. Now, it's predictable and utterly obvious as a plot goes, but it has good dialogue, characters you can really feel for and action scenes that weren't all about CGI.

It's not cinematic brilliance, but it is good. Well worth a look I'd say.