September 7th, 2010

HP - Seeker


It is most unsatisfying when fics don't finish, and I'm not talking about WiPs, or fics that can clearly lead to a sequel, I'm talking about fics that start really well and then get so far and just seem to stop.

I was reading one this morning (no, not going to let on what fandom or anything about it), but it started really well. It dragged me in, made me want to see what happened, gave me moment of revelation and then failed to conclude at all.

I was having the same problem with my vampire big bang fic a couple of weeks ago; it was missing a conclusion, but then I nattered to Soph about it and came up with a round off that had meaning.

Endings are hard, but rather important I think.

Priority Inbox on Gmail

Has anyone been using the Priority Inbox on Gmail?

Has anyone had email mysteriously disappear, only to reappear when you turn it off?

I only noticed it because I had an email I needed to download things from and hadn't done so yet and it just seemed to be gone. Then I sent it to myself from another account and it vanished again!

I found it in the Bin/Trash when I turned of the Priority Inbox and this time when I turned it back on it stayed.