September 6th, 2010

Remus Friendship

Birthdays :)

Happy Birthday to:
shadafakup and scarlet_reader for the 8th,
pyros_are_fun, toscas_kiss , bathala, the_secret_side , omgwtfskittles and girlofavalon for the 9th,
ladybelz, phantomtale666 and ria_kukalaka for the 10th,
tdarlene, anmkosk, cindala, ivanagorup, lallina88 and meggie87 for the 11th and
aidenfire for the 12th

Many Happy Returns to you all :D

If you are not on my b-day list, so sorry, it may be because I haven't friended you back so LJ doesn't tell me about your b-day, or LJ may just be playing silly whatsits. If you would like me to add you in, please drop a comment.
Lair - Show with bite

Titles ...

Now I know I've asked about titles before, but I'm curious again :). I just read a fic and I could see no discernible connection between the title and the fic; they honestly appeared to have nothing to do with each other. Which got me thinking (often a bad thing ::g::).

Writers: How do you come up with titles? (I have a poll for this one)

Poll #1615560 Titles again

Writers, how do you come up with a title?

Pick something out of the air
Use lyrics
Use classical references
Use something from the fic
Other/combination (feel free to elaborate in comments)

Readers: How do you expect titles to relate to the fic? (sorry, no poll for this because I thought it was too wide a scope ::g::).