August 6th, 2010

HP - Seeker

Fic Meme

Grabbed this from sarahsan and it sounds like fun ::g::

1. Go through my fic index and pick out a sentence from one of my stories. Fic posts are listed here and most of my fics are listed from those.

2. I'll try to guess what story it's from (and, if you want, I'll give you some backstory or DVD-commentary for the excerpt).

3. If I guess wrong, you get to ask me for a drabble (character, situation, prompt word, whatever).

Let's play :)

Edit: P.S. You're welcome to play more than once if you like ::g::
KiPi - Moody Mushrooms

Some sad news

Now I know some of you know our kitty Bijou and know that she has been unwell.

She's been doubly incontinent for months now and we've been hoping that she would get better, but a few weeks ago the vet confirmed it was a neurological problem that was untreatable, and all we could hope for was to express her manually daily and keep her happy. Well now she is getting infections as well thanks to the incontinence and she's in pain and unhappy so we made the decision to have her put down. We have her booked in for tomorrow morning, so at 10:30 tomorrow Bij is going to the vet and she will not be coming home.