July 21st, 2010

CB - Smouldering

My house smells wonderful at the moment

I have a leg of lamb slow roasting in the oven with rosemary and garlic and onions. It's been going a couple of hours; four more to go ::g::.

I'm not getting very far with the writing today though ... nothing is working when I try and put it into words. I have all these images in my head, but no words to go with them. I might heat the second oven and transfer the lamb and then bake a cake to give me something else to think about :).

[Edit: cakes are baking now :) Had one mishap where one of my springform tins leaked, but picked it up in time and rescued the batter ::g::.]

[Edit: cakes are now cooling. I am going to have to improvise with one because it's very thin (I only had a wide cake tin available when the other one leaked. I'm thinking half moon layer cake :)]