June 29th, 2010

HP - Seeker

TW: I've been wandering around my W.I.P. folders and I have a question about GTS2

This is a speculative question ... very speculative at this moment.

If I dug up and dusted off the sequel to Gold Tinted Specs and attempted to finish it (big if), would you read it?

What is Gold Tinted Specs?

For those who answered "What is Gold Tinted Specs?" - it is one of my Harry Potter fics, in fact my third posted and my first long one. It is listed by some as an H/D classic and can be found here - Gold Tinted Spectacles Chapter Listing. It was originally posted back in 2003 and re-edited in 2004 and I always intended to do a sequel, but so far have not ended up completing it.
JW - Adorable

From Johnny's Twitter Q&A

This IMHO is the best Q&A :) Made me laugh out loud a lot:

Q: If you could design a costume for any skater, what would it be and who would it be for?
A: evan lysacek, just to put him in a sparkly onsie

Oh and I had a dream with Johnny in it last night ... Johnny and Orangutans ... yeah, I know, odd combination.