March 29th, 2010

Remus Friendship

Birthdays :)

Happy Birthday to:
xena_2001de, charismamidday and lolafalola for today,
nagasaki175, frostfalcon, themostepotente and silverfox22000 for tomorrow,
platformnine for the 31st,
the lovely meridian_star and lunanimes for the 2nd,
carvedwood for the 3rd and
brightsun301 and quondamquadrat for the 4th

If I have missed you off the list, so sorry, it's not because I don't want to wish you happy birthday, it's because I don't know. If you would like to be added to my list, please drop me a comment.
ice - apolo naked

Smut Saturday

This from fyredancer


- Announcing: SMUT SATURDAY on Saturday, April 10th.
- Smut Saturday can be ANY fandom, ANY medium - art, fic, picspam, vid download, link post - give us smutty things to look at, read, and enjoy!
- It does not have to be a brand-new or stand-alone work. You can finish something you have in progress, or simply save a smutty chapter of a WIP to post on Smut Saturday.
- On April 10th fyredancer will put up the organizational post, along with code you can use to publicize Smut Saturday and link back to the post.
- You'll make your post, and drop a comment in the organizational post with a link to your contribution. It must be unlocked so that everyone can enjoy.

You know you wanna play ;)