February 8th, 2010

Panik - butter wouldnt melt

General bumph :)

Watched an awful movie last night, a SyFy original: House of Bones. Could have been so good, instead was very shit. Talk about a lame ending!

HP/Merlin xover has a title and is up to 10,000 wds. Didn't get much chance to write this weekend, too busy washing carpets and the like.

Also, the HP/Avatar xover grew a plot ... it wasn't supposed to do that, in fact it was supposed to crawl back into a hole and leave me alone. It's even H/D.

The muses are not playing ball. They keep insisting on plot and then more plot and then a bit more for afters. At least with the HP/Merlin one I now have it all outlined, so I don't think it should suddenly grow more bits. Of course I have been wrong before. :) It's fun padding in the HP pool again :D.

It's my wedding anniversary today :D 13 years. We're not going out today because the restaurant we want to go to isn't open on Mondays; it's a Chinese that we like. So we are going tomorrow. The first date Rob ever took me on was to a Chinese so we like to celebrate either our wedding anniversary or our first date anniversary by going to a nice Chinese restaurant every year :). Crispy aromatic duck here I come :D.

[Edit: oh and I really need to start uploading my stuff to PSA - I meant to start this weekend, but never had a chance.]
CB - Awww anim

In heaven ...

... have champagne cocktail, Cornish icecream, chocolate and a wonderful husband to share it with. It doesn't get better :) *hugs* to all

We're watching Moon Child and I may be a little bit tipsy :D