February 5th, 2010

HP - Seeker

Random fic stuff :)

Merlin/HP xover just his 9,000 wds and I haven't even written the main bulk of the middle yet. Who gave it permission to grow? It wasn't me! :P

Avatar fic is also turning out to be longer than expected, not huge, but it's grown a plot too. I may have to write some short porn just to get it out of my system ::g::.

Then there is the HP/Avatar bunnie that has started hopping around. So not fair! It hasn't grown a plot yet, but it has a premise, I'm hoping it will just stay that way. Pretty mental images are not helping!

Question for Avatar fans Can Na'vi/Avatars breathe normal human air?

[Edit: oh a debate, this is fun :)]
Avatar - pretty and blue


Okay, so we know for sure how many Avatars there are?
I think there are at least 11:
the two on the basketball court
the one jumping over the single log
the one standing next to the other jump run
the one doing the other jump run
the one on the climbing frame
the one on the climbing wall
the one behind Grace in front of the hut

Is there a definitive count anywhere and is there any more info on them?