February 3rd, 2010

Avatar - sex?


Excuse me while I crow just a little :). Took Soph to see Avatar last night.

She didn't believe me that it was brilliant, that even though the plot is tried and tested it's actually an amazing movie. She thought I'd just found something else to obsess over and she wasn't really going to enjoy it.

Now she knows the truth - LOL

Add one to the cause :D

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Avatar - sex?

Avatar abridged script

Okay, so I didn't find a lot of the abridge Avatar script funny, but the last line, that is perfect:

Sam, we did it! Why aren’t you more excited?

Well, I’m confused. I can’t figure out why the internet is so in love with this movie. It’s just another three-hour James Cameron blockbuster that uses an absurdly cliche plot full of painfully corny dialogue to hold together what is merely a showcase for stunning special effects.

Simple. People on the internet can’t dress up as characters from Titanic. Half the internet is Furries, dude.