January 15th, 2010

TH - Bill EMA perfect


*dances around singing* I have GQ, I have GQ :)

Okay, so technically it's in my husband's suitcase in the USA where he picked it up from his lovely German colleague who bought me two copies (one for me one for Soph) in the airport on the way to their big company meeting, but I still have it :). Rob's German colleague F. is wonderful, he has bought me copies of Bravo before, he recognises Cinema Bizarre and Tokio Hotel by sight (he does have a young daughter, but I still think that is an achievement :)) on magazines and stuff and he randomly picked me up the TH Advent Calendar before Christmas because he saw it in a supermarket.

We plan to take him out to dinner next time he is in the UK :), which will hopefully be this month. He comes over quite often, but we keep missing him.
Panik - Cute!

♥Fluff Friday♥

♥Fluff Friday♥

It's Fluff Friday, yay! So this is the organisational post for this week. If you make a fluffy post please comment here with a link and I'll edit the main post to show all the links so people can find all the fluff.

Remember, it can be anything fluffy, from pictures to anecdotes to fic. Anything fluffy counts *hugs*

Here is the pimp code :)

Ultimate Truth by beren_writes, Tokio Hotel, Tom/Bill, R
Do You? by sorion, Tokio Hotel/Bushido, Bill/Bushido, NC17
A Heart Shaped Box by mieka_writes, various bands
Tag by mieka_writes, Cinema Bizarre, Luminor/Kiro
Pic spam by hollie136
Christmas Caresses by alyse, (Primeval, Abby/Connor, R
Video spam by reddwarf75
Staycation Daze by fyredancer, Tokio Hotel, Tom/Bill, NC17
Pinky Swear by ophelia_seven, Tokio Hotel, R, Tom, Bill
Ways to Make Bill Kaulitz Blush by parallelheartz, Tokio Hotel, Bill/Tom, R
Lair - all wrapped up with a bow


Okay, I did it, I signed up for help_haiti. I'm offering fic.
My thread is here if you fancy bidding.

In case you are unclear at to how it works (I haven't been involved in one of these before either :)), this is the FAQ from the comm:

Help_Haiti Comm FAQ
How do the auctions work?

Standard Auctions:
Go through the posts where people have offered their skills at creating fics, art, vids, podcasts, foods, toys, jewelry, clothing and more - just follow the links from the list here in the sidebar.

When you see an item you're interested in, reply to that comment with the amount you will donate if you are the winning bidder. You can bid up until noon (Eastern Standard Time) on January 20, 2010; new items can be added until 6:00 AM (EST) on January 20, 2010.

If you win, you will be notified on January 20 or 21 by a reply to your comment from (a) one of the help_haiti mods or maintainers, or (b) the Offeror. Once you've been notified that you've won, you can make a donation to one of the listed charities. Donations to any of the charities listed in the post here will be accepted; the list is still growing. Any nation's Red Cross, Red Crescent, UNICEF or OXFAM office/agency is also fine. The winning bidder will donate to the charity directly; please do not send any money to the Offeror or the comm's mods/maintainers.

The confirmation process is still under development, but instructions on how to redact/block out your full name from a confirming receipt will be up by January 19.