January 7th, 2010

CB - Awww anim

I have some question for anyone who uses AO3 :)


I'm using the import functionality to import my fics into the archive and I have ha couple of questions :)

1) When importing a multi-chaptered work, is there anyway to edit chapters other than chapter 1 without posting it? If I try all my edits get lost. I think I must be missing something.

2) Is there a way to make a posted fic back into a draft?

Thanks :)
CB - adorkable (Kiro)

Okay - Fluff Friday

Looking at the poll ♥Fluff Friday♥ will be both tomorrow and next Friday, so that everyone can play :).

Remember you can just post fluffy things, it doesn't have to be fic :).

I'll put up an organisational post tomorrow and next Friday so we can all link together *hugs*