December 27th, 2009

Remus Friendship


Many apoligies for missing last week ... it's been a bit mad :)
Happy Birthday to:
pitchblackrose and lunamazes for the 21st,
laurac0re and fledge for the 22nd,
tartsweetheart and edahs_lanrete for the 24th,
lupin_spirit, corvidae9 and paraboobizarre for yesterday,
lady_addiction, malpomme and eponin10 for today,
sgcp90 for the 29th,
belelfmir and peki for the 30th,
scribbulus_ink, atiejen and thewantonvixen for the 31st,
legomymalfoy, missakins, midnightangel70, saigestar and angelofmercy for the 1st,
feygan and sdkshelly for the 2nd and
cocohufflepuffs, skytheuplight, colored_image and crestoinnocence for the 3rd

Many happy returns to you all.
CB - 2 party

So I would like your input flist :), pretty please.

My darling husband bought me a BeBook for Christmas (for those who don't know it's an ebook reader :)).
Now I mostly read fanfic and I would like to upload some to it to carry around with me and read from time to time.

I have a set of macros in Word to format documents and print them to PDF for it, so I have that bit sussed, I am just wondering what to put on it. I have already downloaded the Big Bang fics to put on it, but I want more. I have a 4gb SD card desperate for content ;).

So, would you all mind doing me a favour and recc'ing me some fics? I am so behind on most of the fandom archives and comms.

My favouritest of all types of fic is creature fic and bonding fic (bet you never knew that :P), so some of them would be wonderful, but anything will do.

Any rating, any fandom, any genre. All I ask is that they are readable with decent grammar (doesn't have to be perfect, just not gouge my eyes out terrible :)), have a happy ending and contain no character death.

If you want to wax lyrical about a fandom I'm not in and think I will like, please do too :D. It's coming up to the New Year, so new ideas are good as well ;).

Thank you in advance for any help you can give me. *hugs*