October 19th, 2009

Remus Friendship


Happy Birthday to:
vigdis_vale for tomorrow,
a_worn_pun, gatewaygirl and moth1 for the 21st,
loony_moony, duendeoflorien, seaghostsoaring, jazz_s_shadow andseaghostsoaring for the 23rd and
purpledna for the 25th

Many Happy Returns to you all

If I have missed you, sorry, it means you're not on my spreadsheet, so LJ didn't tell me about you're birthday. Please comment here and I will add you in so that I do not miss you again.
Hyde - take over the world

Recipe: Pumpkin Soup

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The soup will freeze well if you want to.

I made some garlic croutons by sprinkling bread with garlic granules and then shallow frying and it went very well with them.

You can also use other spices if you like; curried pumpkin soup is very nice, as is garlic pumpkin soup.

You could also substitute for the cream as well to make a lighter version.