September 21st, 2009

CB - Pretty

It's been quite a busy weekend, but a good one :)

We went to Reads on Firday night. It's a Michelin star restaurant in the town where I work and they have rooms and we stayed over night as well. We took my parents and Soph as well, but they didn't stay. It was fabulous. The food was amazing the room lovely and the staff brilliant. It is the best restaurant I've ever been to. We were celebrating the 18th anniversary of our first date ;). We always celebrate that and our wedding anniversary every year.

Once we got home on Sat it was more restful, but on Sunday we bought a new car, well we signed all the paperwork, have to wait for the finance to come through for it to be finalised. It's an Alpha Romeo 159 in red (they final made an Alpha that isn't broken!) and it's lovely. We were going to get a Golf (one of the new diesels) but our leasing company dicked us around. We were supposed to have it this month, but then the delivery date came along and they told us it wouldn't be until Nov at the earliest, so we told them to go take a running jump. The fuel economy isn't as good on the Alpha as the Golf would have been, but you can only get that on the new gen diesels and we didn't want to buy a new car because they lose so much money as soon as you drive them out of the showroom. The second hand car market is so bad at the moment it's just not worth it.
UW - Hybrid


Okay, BloodRayne the first movie - great film :)

BloodRayne2 - Deliverance - pile of crap! Such a disappointment. Guns do not kill vampires!

The first movie had some great new vampire lore and slightly dangerous vampires, the second is a very bad western with bad acting, no plot and no vampire lore. There wasn't even any decent martial arts action to redeem it. Can I have that hour and half of my life back please?