September 16th, 2009

HP - Seeker

Fluff Friday Poll (18th)

Okay, so I was thinking and thought it might be fun, so I thought I'd ask :)

Poll #1458239 Fullf Friday 18th Sep

Do you fancy having a Fluff Friday this week (18th)?

Yes, I'll try and write
Yes, I'll try and play with images or something else
Yes, I'll read
No, not this week - I'll suggest another date
Oh no, not again!

You already know what this is ...

Ticky Box of Doom!!!!!!

Just in case any of my flist don't know what Fluff Friday is, it's when we all try and post something fluffy, be it fic, or piccies or a fluffy message or anything else you can think of.
CB - adorkable (Kiro)

Fluff Friday Poll 2

Okay so lots of people want to play, but some might not be able to make this week.
Since I do not want to give up on my fluff this week I therefore propose that we go for Fluff Friday two weeks in a row.

What do you think? :)

Poll #1458329 Fluffy Friday two in a row

Would you be up for two weeks of Fluff Friday in a Row?

Yes - there is no such thing as too much fluff
No! Oh god save me! ;)

Feel free to comment with an opinion as well.
CB - adorkable (Kiro)

Fluff Fiday is ON!!!!

♥Fluff Friday♥

Okay, so it looks like lots of people are up for it so

We will be having Fluff Friday twice :D

Friday 18th September
Friday 25th September

Now I am very happy to put up the post and organise it for the 18th, but I may not have reliable internet access on the 25th, since it is Connotations weekend. So please could we have a volunteer to do the organisational post for the 25th please.

What it involves is putting up a post so people can comment with their contributions and then editing the main post every now and then with the links.