August 20th, 2009

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Fanfic and the usefulness of tags

I noticed something this morning when tracking an entry: you can be notified when a person makes a post using a specific tag. I am sure you probably all knew this anyway :).

However, this, I thought to myself, might be useful for people who want to be notified when I make new fic posts and aren't just on beren_fic_only. So with this thought in mind, I have created a new tag:

type: fiction

This tag will only ever be used when I post a new fic entry, so if you would like to be notified by email when I make a new fic post please do the following:
1) click here
2) uncheck the track post option
3) check the "beren_writes posts a new entry tagged option"
4) select "type: fiction" from the drop down
5) Click save

(I will be tagging all my old fic with this tag, but testing it, it only notifies when a new post is made so you shouldn't be notified about those).
UW - Hybrid

Dreamwidth - Cross posting

Is there anyway to turn off cross posting on an entry once you have created it on DW?

I created some entries a while back and wanted them on LJ and DW, but I never want them to cross post again - is there anyway to turn it off on the posts or make it remember not to cross post? I keep forgetting and then have to repost the versions on LJ and it is getting really, really annoying.

Thanks for any help.