July 31st, 2009

CB - Shoot me now

Waiting to be picked up and ...

... I decided to take a wander through my WiP folder, just to see how many unfinished fics there are in there, and um, there were a few more than I thought.

Now some of these have been hanging around for years, but I never delete anything (you never know when an old fandom is going to reignite ;)).

This is what I found:
Being Human 2
B7 1
Bones 1
CB 4
Highlander 2
HP 10 (At least probably more (not a very well organised folder))
John Carpenter's vamps 2
NEw Pros 7
DW/Torchwood 1
Invisible Man 2
Jrock/Moon child 5
Merlin 4
Misc 5
Mutant X 1
Panik 7
Poltergeist the Legacy 1
Primeval 5
Spider-man 1
Star Trek 1
Supernatural 4
Tokio Hotel 27
Tremors 2
Witchblade 1
x-men 2
xovers 26
WK 10

That's at least 139 WiPs. I think, maybe, it would be a good idea to finish some of them :)