July 22nd, 2009

Gackt - on fire


Good Morning All, how are we today? Well I hope.
Ah, another day, another wonderful day at work.

I'm quite enjoying work at the moment, but I'm waiting on other people at the moment and it's getting tedious. I wish there was something I could do about it, but it's like banging my head against a brick wall! The new company's very nice though, every one is very friendly and helpful and it's nice to be on the same team now, rather than being client and supplier. Makes life a lot easier in some ways. Also old company is having a bit of a hard time at the moment.

Been listening to Cinema Bizarre on repeat for the last couple of days ... now all I have to do is make sure I don't start singing 'Get Off' out loud by accident - LOL. It has a really catchy tune. I ordered their new single yesterday from Amazon.de and the shipping cost me more than the single! The things I do for these Germain bois.

Oh well, must do work now :)
TH - Bill see the light

HUMANOID Contest hosted by THI

We went live with this on THI yesterday, but I forgot to post here :)

As most of us know by this point, Tokio Hotel has finally announced that their new CD, titled Humanoid, is to be released during the first week of October. We would LOVE the opportunity to get you a copy of both the English and German versions of this long-awaited third album!

You have got until Wednesday, August 19, to send us your idea of the best design for the new album cover! The only requirements are that the image is 500x500 pixels, no larger or smaller, (please see an example from our April Fools post for an example of the size), and that any images used are completely appropriate - nothing sexually/violently explicit, invasive of the band's privacy or personal time, or generally inappropriate will be accepted. Please try to express what the name Humanoid means to you, and be creative with what it could mean for the direction of this new album!

The prizes will be as follows:

FIRST PRIZE: Both the English and German copies of Humanoid, along with a $20 gift credit for Tokio Hotel merchandise
SECOND PRIZE: Your choice between the English OR German version of Humanoid, along with a $15 gift credit for Tokio Hotel merchandise
THIRD PRIZE: Your choice between the English OR German version of Humanoid

If you are under 16, make sure you have your parents' or guardian's permission to enter, as we will need to collect your shipping address to send your prize if you win! Prizes will be pre-ordered as soon as the option is available in the name of the winners, and shipped directly to you at their release so that you will not have to wait! Please keep in mind that Tokio Hotel release dates are subject to change, including when the German release will be in comparison to the English version. We will honor your prizes as soon as they are available!

Again, entries are due by Wednesday, August 19, so that gives you a whole month! Only one entry per person, and please send them (and any questions you may have) to melanie@tokiohotelinternational.com.

Or, you know, you can ask questions on our forum ;)