July 20th, 2009


Cinema Bizarre Pimp Post

Okay, so it's time for another Pimp Post. (As I said to Laura earlier) Come into my slightly gay and very pretty parlour said the spider to the fly ;).
Cinema Bizarre

Okay so this is Cinema Bizarre, and yes they are German (how did you guess), but, before you run away, they sing in English.

Their look is Visual Kei/Glam/Rock and their songs are poppy with a bit of a rock edge in places. I have been listening to their album "Final Attraction" on repeat for a few days now :) and their new album "Toyz" will be coming out in August.

Some of their songs sound a bit like Depeche Mode, another is like T.A.T.U. and yet with something that is very them too. You have to listen to really understand.

According to the Official US fanclub the band originally met online and then met up at an Anime convention where they formed the band. No idea how much of that is true and how much is PR, given their look, but it's a nice idea :). They are successful in Germany, Austria, France and Poland and in March 2009 they toured the US as an opening act for Lady Gaga in a bid to launch there. There will be a special US album called "Bang!" in August.

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