July 16th, 2009

TH - Gusti drumming

TH - Fanaction from remy_jen

This is being passed around and the idea is originally from remy_jen - I think it's a great one.

I think it would mean a lot to Gustav to receive some fan support right now, so I wanted to suggest a fan action. For anyone that’s interested, please send a “Get Well” card or letter of support to Gustav at the TH fan mail address:

Tokio Hotel – Gustav Schӓfer
c/o Universal Music
Stralauer Allee 1
10245 Berlin

It will make more of an impact if all of the cards arrive near the same time, plus we want him to receive them while he’s still recovering, so if you want to participate, please mail your cards by this Saturday, the 18th.

Also, feel free to spread the word to other comms—the more people who participate, the better. Let’s show Gustav that he’s important to us!