June 29th, 2009

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German Music Big Bang Challenge

It's here - the German Music Big Bang Challenge. The idea of this challenge is to encourage longer fics and to hopefully pair them with some art.

All writers, artists, beta readers and cheerleaders are welcome to sign up.

Only writers and artists can join the main comm deutschmusikbb, but everyone is welcome to watch it and comment. The limit on joining is only for logistical purposes.

The FAQ at the above link (click the link or the image) will explain everything :). Please come and play.

If you would like to pimp the fest, you can use the following code:

(and we'd be really grateful if you did :).
Panik - Awwwww

Fluff Friday

Grabbed from lirren

♥Fluff Friday♥

This Friday, Jul 3rd has been declared another Fluff Friday, so who wants to play? You know you do.

All you have to do is post fic, pics, anecdotes or anything fluffy.

Crosspost and recruit so we're all ready for Friday :).