June 12th, 2009

Merlin - insanity

Ficlet Friday

Completely and totally stolen from toxictattoo and lirren :)

I'm supposed to be writing other things, but this seems like fun :) - I probably won't get to the actual writing until later this evening though.

Weiss Kreuz (only Kapitel)
Tokio Hotel
(anything else I've written check here to see :))

Find one image (canon or fanart) with the two characters you'd like to see written and give it to me in the form of a link. No picspam please. I will write a short ficlet surrounding that image. Give me a hint by writing the names under the link as well please and if the image is NSFW, please warn me when you post the link. I will definitely only view those from home.

First five people to respond will get a ficlet. Authors, take this and run with it. Post it in your journals and write some ficlets too. Let's spread some smiles for the day!