January 19th, 2009

Trem: Tyler/El Blanco

Fic: Tentacles are Wuv, Tremors, Tyler/El Blanco, NC17/18

Title: Tentacles are Wuv
Author: Beren
Fandom: Tremors
Pairing: Tyler/El Blanco
Rating: NC17/18
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, the Tremors characters aren't mine and I'm not making any money from them.
Warnings: El Blanco is a 30 ft worm ... do you need any more warnings?
Summary: Tyler ends up in a rather strange position, and why exactly isn't El Blanco eating him?
Author's Notes: Um ... how to explain this one? It's all moonlettuce's fault, it was written for her way back before conotations 2007. I only just found it again when sorting out some of my files and realised I had not shared the wuv. ;) If you would like to read more worm porn then check out http://www.twuwuv.com - Claire has written a few ::g::.
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KiPi - Magic Mushrooms

I'm feeling a bit down today ...

... because of stuff that's going on at work, so during my lunch break I made some KiPi icons to cheer myself up :)

If you would like to pinch them, feel free :)

[Edit: I figured out the problem ... I had a height="" in the tag and Firefox and Chrome are intelligent enough to realise that you don't have pictures of zero height!