January 17th, 2009

Panik - butter wouldnt melt

Ugh ...

It's been one hell of a week, no time to do anything except work and sleep, but I hope next week will be better.

However, lirren, sarahsan, thwax and I did come up with a little project that cheered me up last night no end :). We'll be telling you what it is soon ;).

Had a hair cut today, but didn't need to do anything else specific, so have been lazing around. Given how tired I've been this week, today has been great. Poor Rob is at work sorting stuff out for a new trade show that is coming up. I hope he doesn't get back too late, poor love.
Panik - rps?

New comm bandover

So I mentioned that lirren, sarahsan, thwax and I had a new project and we're now ready to announce.

bandover is a comm for crossover fanfics staring musicians. It may be called bandover, but solo musicians are welcome as well. Crossovers are great fun and they often become lost in amongst the other wonderful fic that is out there, so here is a comm just for them.

This includes band/band crossovers, or solo/solo crossovers, or band/solo crossover, or band/fiction crossovers. So if you have a Panik/TH crossover or a TH/Harry Potter xover or a Gackt/Hyde fic sitting around, we would love to hear about it.

Please come play with us. bandover