January 5th, 2009


Back at work ...

... and playing massive catch up. What with being ill and having US friends staying I've had virtually no time on line or even on the computer.

Thank you everyone who wished me well against my "not well" post. I was feeling much better, but then started to feel ill again yesterday ... I hope it goes away soon.

Hamlet on Sat was superb. They said David Tennant wasn't going to be in it, but then the producer came on stage and said he was and, wow, was he amazing. He even outshone Captain Picard himself and that's going some. I honestly think there was only one actor in the play who came close to the kind of performance David gave; he was incredible. A heartfelt thanks to moonlettuce for being so wonderful and getting us all the tickets.

Sorry there were a few drabbles missing for advent, I just had so much to do I never go round to them. I shall try and make up for it.

For those waiting for the drabble it forward ... I started on them today and one is almost done. They will be slightly longer than drabbles, hope that will be okay ::g::.

Need to catch up on birthday wishes now, but will do that in another post.
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