December 10th, 2008

AB - Pomme de sang

Advent 10 - Sound of Silence, Anita Blake, Anita/Nathaniel, PG13

Title: Sound of Silence
Author: Beren
Fandom: Anita Blake
Pairing: Anita/Nathaniel
Rating: PG13

Anita couldn't sleep, so she had left Nathaniel in bed and moved into the living room. Everyone else was out doing their own things and the house was too quiet; it made her edgy.

A noise in the corridor alerted her to the fact she was no longer alone, but she really didn't expect to see a leopard padding through the door. Nathaniel walked over, jumped on the couch, put his head in her lap and began the big cat equivalent of a purr, filling the silence with sound. Anita smiled; somehow Nathaniel always knew how to make her relax.
AB - Vamp love


Okay, so who out there watches Moonlight?

I must admit I avoided most of it while it was on TV, but caught the last ep and a lovely friend (thank you so much B) gave me the box set for Christmas. There is a tradition that at our Christmas party, most gifts exchanged at it are opened at it too, so this week Rob and I are working our way through the season.

Anyone else think the first episode is crap?

It's such a shame because the others are brilliant, but the first one is really sucky. When your first scene is your protagonist being interviewed about being a vampire, which turns out to be a dream because he wishes he could tell people, just so you can have an info dump ... that's bad writing. That ep would have got the writers drummed out of any fanfic arena before they even started. The other eps don't do the same thing, they have the old mental voice trick, but that's done rather well most of the time so it's a real shame the first one didn't.

I bet that ep lost them loads of viewers.

I adore the rest of it though, even though I just can't manage to think of Mick as a sexy name - lol. When I think Mick, I think 40 something builder with bum cleavage.