November 18th, 2008

Panik - geek

So behind it's silly ...

... I have so many things in the queue to-do that I keep forgetting things!

The Merlin Fanfiction Archive is up and has members and even admins now, so yay, that's going nicely. I sometimes wonder why I can't just keep my nose out of fandoms; it seems to be a compulsion - lol.

I spent most of last week making choccies and all of Sat selling them and Sunday recovering, so I got nothing done this weekend. I haven't opened my laptop since last Wednesday!

I now have to write my th_fanfic SSanta entry and my panikslash Christmas prompt grab entry as well. Which aren't being helped by the Merlin bunnies which are refusing to leave me alone!

I apologise to everyone who is awaiting emails from me - I will be getting to them.

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