October 27th, 2008

TH - Gusti drumming

Still catching up :)

Been away for the weekend at London Expo and so am slowly catching up with my flist :).

Just one this though, I am very glad the stall at Expo selling cult DVDs did not take cards and hence I did not buy The Johnny Weismuller Tarzan Collection, since they wanted 34.99 for it and I just got it for 8.99 on play.com :). (I used to love watching the JW Tarzan movies on BBC2 on Friday evenings when I was a kid :)).

That is all I wished to say for this post ... sorry for the spam, I am just feeling quite pleased with myself is all :).
TH - sweet and innocent?

New user info and beta layout

Have done out my userinfo, thank you 4am_secret for inspiring me to do so :).

I've also switched to the beta profile layout and the beta account settings ... I kinda like them :). Much cleaner then the old versions, although it'll take me a while to remember where everything is.

Nosig around ...

... I just clicked on Gift Certificates to see what were associated with my account.

What does "Gift Certificate, intangible" mean?

I have two $1 Gift Certificate, intangible associated with my account and I have no idea what they are.