October 20th, 2008

TH - Bill sex

I predict ...

... that the next big thing to hit the high street with be cloud prints/acid etch:

Bill was wearing stripes about a year before everyone else was, so this is obviously what's coming next :D

Ooh and talking of clothes - I actually managed to buy myself two new pairs of boots and they aren't exactly the same as the pair I just wore out. They are identical to each other apart from the colour, but, yay ... new boots.

For those wondering why this is such an event, I have an ankle deformity which means I walk only on my toes and the front of the ball of my feet, and my ankles move only a very little. This means I can only wear boots, not shoes, and I have to have them with a thick heel which is a certain height, so when I find a pair of boots I can wear I tend to buy every pair I can find :)