October 2nd, 2008


Downtime ...

.. okay, so I'm off on hols as of this evening and I won't be back until Wed 15th. Now I'm taking the laptop, but I have no idea if we'll have any type of internet access at all.

So I may sneak online if I can, but it might not be possible, so do not panic if you do not hear from me for a little while *hugs*
Remus Friendship

Early Birthday post

First of all I realised I missed one for today because I forgot to check the LJ birthdays like I usually do at the beginning of each month. So a very happy birthday to evening_star

Because I am away until the 15th there are Birthdays I will have to do now :)
So Happy Birthday to:
honeycakehorse, n0b0dys_ang31 and elethoniel for the 6th,
caitlen and raphsody606 for the 7th,
shopfront for the 8th
kitty_bamboo, katfusion and dark_crystal_6 for the 9th,
ev01pixy for the 10th,
psychobarfly for the 11th,
tyger66 for the 12th,
ninasis, mafan, ravenfrog, babydyke1319 and playingwithfyre for the 13th and
cordelia_hunter, dragonfly_lily, dragonfly_lily and miyu_th for the 15th