August 22nd, 2008

Lair - Show with bite

The Lair - pimp post

Okay, it's time to pimp the Lair because it's in my head and it's not going away so I have to share :)

The Lair
(It amuses me no end that there are three spikes on the logo).

The Lair is a show about vampires made for Here!TV, vampires who live in and run a gay sex club. No, I'm not kidding, it really is :). According to Wikipedia it was orginally supposed to be a direct spin off of "Dante's Cove", a gay supernatural soap by Here!TV, and was called "Dante's Lair", but the direct connection was dropped some time during production. It is possible they are the set in the same place, but no one is completely sure if they are or not ::g::. According to David Moretti (Thom) his character has appeared in Dante's Cove s3 running the Lair (although they did decide to spell it differently acording to IMDB), but until s2 of the Lair we have no idea what the full story is. Maybe it's an alternative universe :P.

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Official Site
Wikipedia Link
IMDB page

thelair_tv - takes everything to do with The Lair


A few icons I made for the show - all up for grabs if you would like.
And a new one I did today:

Second Time Around by beren_writes
Please LMK if you've seen any more