August 15th, 2008

TH - Bill see the light

ZDDM Day :)

A long time ago (3 years)...

In a country, far, far away (Germany)...

A Hit Song was launched (Durch den Monsun)...

And the rest is music history!

Over at Tokio Hotel International we thought that the three year aniversary of the beginning of a legend should be marked, so back in July we launched Zusammen Durch den Monsun Fan Action. Today the fruits of that fan action can be seen :).

10 vids have been created using 10 different version of DDM/Monsoon the piccies you all sent in and there are all over on our Wiki.

A DVD of the vids has also been sent to the boys via the German management and hopefully they should get it once they are finished in the States.

For those who contributed to the vids, there is a list of first names and coutries (like there is on the DVD) on the wiki page in order listed under vid titles so you can check to see where you are in the vids.

The vids are available to watch on Youtube and to download, all linked from the wiki page.

Thank you everyone who took part and Happy Durch den Monsun Day :D