July 17th, 2008


Anonymous Band Kinkathon

Why yes, I am going on about it again.

Please say it's quiet because people are busily writing kinks *big eyed stare*. Don't leave me to play with myself (it's not May anymore after all) :P.

Anonymous Band Kinkathon

The fics don't have to be long, just kinky ;)

[Edit: I've been readng too much kink, wispy_lass posted a piccie on kaulitz_daily from the Werchter concert where someone is holding up a doll of some kind and the first thing I noticed was the stick up the doll's behind ;)]
TH - tom smile


Basic accounts will be returning by the end of the summer - yay! news post about it

Maybe all the fuss was worth the effort ::g::.

I may have two permi accounts, but I use other accounts in association with modding comms and I does not like adverts!